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Rebuilt Manual Transmissions

Identify Repair Problems In Manual Transmission Parts

Are you confused about choosing auto or standard (manual) transmission? In case of transmission repairs, all auto experts and technicians would advice you to choose manual transmission as manual transmission parts are easily repaired and their repairs and inexpensive. In other views, manual transmissions also offer better fuel economy and control over the vehicle. If you are in search of replacement transmission, definitely rebuilt manual transmission can be right alternative for you. If you want to know more about manual transmission repairs and problems, go on reading to reveal many tips to trap transmission problems in time and repair them in time to save lot of repair expenses on transmissions.

If you are keen about the auto problems and repairing them in time, it helps to keep auto in good condition as well as lots of future repair expenses are saved. In case of transmissions, transmission fluid has immense importance. Here are some tips to prevent transmission repairs or identify problems earlier to save money –

  • Manual transmission oil should be changed timely after certain mileage. The burning smell indicates problem. Transmission oil should be pink and not brown. Fluid levels should be maintained properly.
  • If you hear rattling noise at low speed, it indicates that you need to switch to synthetic gear oil.
  • If clutch of your vehicles need replacement before 40,000 miles, it indicates that the driving habits need to be changed. You may be switching gears fast or using clutch to slow the car instead of brakes.
  • If the transmission oil leakages are there, there may be excess lubricant or may be cracks in transmission case. Identify it to repair it in time.
  • When manual transmission parts make lot of noise in any particular gear, check it with technician or mechanic. It may be problem of damaged bearings or lack of brake fluid.

High Quality Remanufactured Transmissions Online

These simple tips can help you a lot to identify transmission problems timely.

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